North Kingston Choir


Who can join the choir?

Anyone can join us over the age of 18.  All you need is a love of singing.

Can both men and women join?

Yes, we are a mixed choir and usually sing in 4 parts - bass, tenor, alto and soprano.

When and where does the choir rehearse?

Every Monday evening in term time at Richmond Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, KT2. We start at 8pm and finish at 9:30pm.

Can I try out the choir before I decide to join?

Yes, in fact your first night at the choir is exactly that. It lets you get a feel for the way we run rehearsals, hear the music we sing, enjoy the atmosphere and get to know some of the other singers before you decide if you want to join permanently.

Why do you have a waiting list?

Unlike many other choirs, North Kingston Choir is not run to make a profit. An important part of our choir is the social aspect where new friendships flourish. We keep a limit on our numbers to ensure that every member feels part of the choir family.

If I go on the waiting list, how long am I likely to wait for a place?

That's very difficult to answer because it depends on the length of the list (that for women is generally much longer) and the personal circumstances of existing members. However, on average, women are waiting 12-18 months and men 1-3 months.

I don't want to wait to join a choir. Which other local choirs might I be able to join?

The following choirs are local to our area:

Rock Choir

Eclipse Choir

The Canbury Singers

Kingston Orpheus Choir

Wilful Choir

Singing It Back 

Dover House Singers

What happens if I come along to my first session but don't like it?

Although the choir no longer offers taster sessions, your first rehearsal after being offered a place is free of charge so if you decide after that session that the choir is not for you after all, you will not have incurred any cost.

Do I have to audition?

No. Our choir is open to all regardless of experience.

Do I have to be able to read music?

This is not essential and many choir members do not read music. We learn some of our songs with sheet music and over time, our singers find themselves becoming more confident following notation. On the other hand, many of our songs are learnt by ear during rehearsals. In addition there are practice recordings of all songs on the members' area of the website.

Do I have to sing on my own?

Sometimes our MD asks for volunteers to try a solo for certain songs but there is no pressure to do so.

What happens in a rehearsal?

Rehearsals tend to be relaxed and informal. We usually start with a short physical and vocal warm-up. Our MD usually recaps on some of the songs we are learning or introduces a new one so we cover a number of songs each week. Occasionally, we have separate rehearsals for women and men in different venues. 

Where do I get the music from?

All our songs are included as part of your termly fee and available on the members part of our website. We ask that you print off the music before rehearsals and bring along with you.

What kind of music do you sing?

Modern, uplifting music. We sing a wide range of songs by artists including Adele, Elton John, Coldplay, Queen and Billy Joel. We occasionally sing more traditional pieces. 

Do I need to know what kind of voice I have?

No, we sing in 4-part harmony and you can try different parts until you find a pitch that suits your voice best.

Does the choir perform in public?

Yes. We normally perform 2 main concerts a year – usually one around Christmas and another one in the summer. We also often sing at other ad hoc events outside these times. 

How many singers are there in the choir?

We have 50 singers (34 women and 16 men) and a number of additional members who also play instruments. We have an average of 35 members attending each rehearsal. 

Do you have a band?

Yes. We have an excellent band that accompanies our choir. For most rehearsals we have one or two guitarists and a keyboard player. For our concerts, we have a bass player and drummer join us also. 

Can I join the choir and play an instrument?

Some of our band members do both. Let us know if this is something you might be interested in.

How much does it cost?

Members pay £50 a term (usually 10-12 sessions). This includes access to our website with practice recordings and music to print off at home. If you are unable to pay this amount, the Committee is able to reduce fees in certain cases depending on financial circumstances. 

How can I join?

Fill in our membership contact form - we will let you know when there is a place available for you.